Some details about Among Us, the most popular game of the moment

New updates have also recently been added to the game. These are related, first of all, to the preface of the game, but also to the different functions. For example, previously, you could see who each teammate voted for, but more recently, instead of the player’s color, small gray characters appear. The fact that the vote is now anonymous is an even closer approach to the reality of the game we all love. Other changes to Among Us are the new symbols in the tasks to be performed by crewmates and the removal of a virus that affected the game a few weeks ago.

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One of the characteristic aspects of the game is the atypical characters. These are little men of different colors who have visors and look really funny. They can wear a variety of accessories, from cowboy hats to pets. Players liked this character design so much that trends related to Among Us emerged. Download Among Us for free at Maybe you saw on Instagram or in real life people “dressed” in the characters of the game, with a sweatshirt and a mask specific to this chaotic period of pandemic. Even Halloween was captured by the teenagers dressed as the characters in the game!

Among Us, after a few months of continuous popularity, it reached other platforms. You can’t say, for example, that you have Instagram and you haven’t seen at least one person, let’s say even two, who were taking pictures with the “Among Us” filter.

The game has received only good, deserved reviews so far, but I think it’s time to really explore the connotations of this game. Yes, of course, 5-year-olds can play it, and what if? Everything is captivating. Don’t you agree? Many people who played him confessed, amused, that they developed a real obsession for him.

Maybe being so obsessed with the game, I haven’t noticed the concept on which it is based so far. If you think about it before you enter the game, you already know that at least one of your friends or teammates will be an impostor. That is, without thinking, you expect one of the people you enjoy playing with to actually sabotage you throughout it. Well, that’s right, even in the title “Among Us” is this idea. Maybe, however, the famous words of the Romanians “Hope for the best and expect the worst” are true, but did you think that maybe the preconception that one of your friends is actually sabotaging you is absurd?

If we keep talking about more serious things, you should know that Among Us was also part of the politics of the United States of America. The American deputy from New York, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, started a broadcast in which Among Us was played, which was watched simultaneously by more than 400,000 internet users. Louis Shorthouse, a video game analyst, said it was “a very smart way to increase turnout before the election, especially among the hardest to attract, such as Generation Z.” As we all know, unfortunately, the fewest voters in Bucharest in this year’s local elections were young people between the ages of 18 and 24, so the idea of ​​using the game Among Us for political purposes was at least ingenious. .