Genshin Impact for PC: How does co-op work?

From now on, the cooperative mode on Genshin Impact will be displayed as an option in the main menu (check this out: If you select the cooperation mode, you will be presented with a list of other players playing in open online sessions and you can request to join one of them. You can also enter a player’s UID code if you want to start a game with a specific player. If you’ve added other players as friends, you can also request to start a game with them from the Friends menu.

You can also use the game’s cooperative feature to find partners when you enter a domain. When you start a field, on the same screen where you choose the dungeon level, you have a matching option that allows you to recruit other players to help you. Selecting this option will look for random players that also address that domain, but you are free to enter domains while you are already in a multiplayer session if you want to join a specific player.

From time to time, the Genshin Impact for PC also offers events of limited duration, such as the Elementary Crucible, which allows players to team up for cooperative challenges that are only available for short periods. These modes allow players to earn specialized rewards and function as short, goal-based multiplayer mini-games.