Safety for any PC – AVG Antivirus 2021 Review

AVG is a company from the Czech Republic, famous for the antivirus products it has been developing for more than a quarter of a century, since 1991. The company became famous for their free antivirus, which is probably the reason why Avast, their former direct competitor in the security market, acquired them. The AVG brand is retained and the products associated with it continue to be marketed. One of the premium security products sold under the AVG brand is called AVG Internet Security and, because we were curious to find out if it can effectively protect you from cyber threats, we decided to test it. Today, we are ready to tell you what we found out and what opinion he left us, in this review.

What is AVG Internet Security good for?

  • Be friendly, easy to use and look good
  • Identify and clean malware on your Windows computer
  • Provide quality firewall protection against network attacks when connected to public networks
  • AVG Internet Security Vs. AVG Ultimate
  • AVG Internet Security is the slightly simpler version of AVG Ultimate, and the difference between them is that the latter includes AVG TuneUp. AVG says that the TuneUp tool “makes your PC faster, cleans unnecessary files, increases battery life, keeps your essential applications up to date and fixes small problems before they become real problems” ( However, even if you buy AVG Ultimate you do not receive one of the important additional tools offered by AVG, namely Secure VPN. If you think you need AVG TuneUp and a few extra dollars are not worth much for you, maybe AVG Ultimate is a good option. However, considering that most of the things you can do with AVG TuneUp can be done directly from Windows 10, we believe that AVG Internet Security is a better deal.

Pros and cons

Among the good things we liked about AVG Internet Security are the following:

  • The antivirus engine can identify and clean any malware on your computer
  • The firewall module is very good when you connect to public networks
  • The user interface looks good and is easy to set up and use on any kind of device, both with a mouse and a keyboard, and on a touch screen
  • Unfortunately, there are many negative things to say about AVG Internet Security:

The HTTP filter provided by AVG is inefficient, in half the time not offering you protection when visiting dangerous websites
Significantly increased the startup time of our test computer
The SafePrice browser extension has nothing to do with your security and is probably just an extra method for AVG to make money from users

There are no statistics or logs that are easily accessible to the user, about what happened on the computer
The antivirus module does not scan automatically and does not ask you if you want to scan external memory drives
Some of the additional applications presented in the user interface, cost you extra money, including VPN service
Parental controls are not included

An important aspect of Windows integration is the effect it has on your computer’s performance. First, we checked to see if AVG Internet Security increased the startup time of our computer after we installed it. I used a small app called BootRacer to measure this, and the bad news is that AVG has had a negative influence on boot times. After installing AVG Internet Security, our test computer started up 28 percent slower.

Then we looked at how much RAM is needed to run all the security processes. I found out that AVG consumes about 76 MB of RAM when everything is OK and no threats are detected on the computer. This is a small number for any modern computer.

To check if the speeds of the internet or the local network were affected by AVG Internet Security, we also ran some tests with and LAN Speed ​​Test. The tests we ran with showed us that neither the download nor the upload speed was affected by the security suite. However, the tests we ran with LAN Speed ​​Test showed us that the download speed when copying a file over the local network was 3 percent slower after we installed AVG Internet Security. This means that the security suite has a minor negative effect on network transfer speeds and no effect on data transfers over the Internet.